Waste analysis report

Understanding Your Waste Analysis Report

Your waste analysis report gives you a breakdown of the waste analysis process, the results of the tested waste and the classification your waste has received. This document is essential for tracing the reasons behind your waste classification and understanding how you should proceed in its disposal as a consequence.

The only problem is that some reports can be difficult to read if you are unfamiliar with their language.

In this article, we will go through some of the more confusing parts of your waste analysis report and explain each section and process as simply as possible.

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What is the Lifespan of Your Waste?

Once waste has left our sight (and site!), most of us forget about it entirely. But what happens to waste after it has been removed is actually important for industries to understand. It’s not just about the ethics of proper waste disposal, as a business, you have a duty of care for your waste and must observe compliance laws regarding its proper storage and disposal.

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Hazardous Waste Storage

How to Identify, Store & Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste treatment is part and parcel of construction work. If your site contains hazardous waste, you will need to ensure its safe disposal. This means that you will need to identify the waste correctly and then arrange for its safe handling, storage and removal. Failure to do so can have major legal implications.

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Attending the RWM – Energy, Renewables and Water Show provides us with an invaluable chance to connect with other businesses in the waste management realm. This year has been no exception. Last week we spoke of the great work being done by Shrewsbury based charity, The Food Hub on our Trade Skips blog, who have military precision like organisation as they make their nightly collections from supermarkets to feed hungry residents throughout the region at various centres, schools and charities. Sadly, not every region has a charity anywhere near as effective as the Food Hub, who make superb use of food that would otherwise goes straight to landfill.

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Shrewsbury Food Hub – A food wastage force to be reckoned with

UK food wastage is nothing short of a scandal. The statistics as to just how much of our food goes to landfill are shocking to say the least. Yet despite these depressing figures, and regardless that supermarkets are still (for the most part) resisting pressure to transform their processes for the better, there are many un-sung heroes out there taking on this mammoth wastage challenge.

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The hidden consequences of microbeads

They’re found in many skin care products and probably your preferred toothpaste, millions of them washing down our sink each year. What are ‘they’ you might ask?

Microbeads; a recent controversial topic in the global newspapers and relatively unknown contributors to global ocean plastic pollution. Included in many beauty products sold by the largest cosmetics companies in the world, they are doing far more to the world than that fancy label on your facial cleanser suggests.

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