Waste Industry Innovations

Adidas Limited Edition

As part of an ongoing scheme by Adidas to become much more environmentally friendly – including stopping handing out plastic bags in store and ending the use of micro-beads in products such as shower gels – the multi-million dollar company have created a limited edition shoe made using Parley Ocean Plastic.

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Liquid Waste: The Forgotten Foe

There are many forms of waste in the world. While the waste we throw away in our bins or recycling is usually at the forefront of our minds, it’s sometimes easy to overlook other harmful variations. Liquid waste is one of these and as well as being incredibly harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly, it is also very common to find in our everyday lives.

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A Sea of Rubbish: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

When we think about the sea, we like to picture clear blue waters, pristine beaches and an abundance of marine life swimming below the surface. Unfortunately no matter where we are in the world, it seems to be impossible to walk along the coast without spotting the odd bit of washed up debris. Plastic bottles are the usual culprit and staggeringly, 90% of the rubbish floating in the sea is made up of plastics.

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Plasterboard – Life after use

Gypsum board, also referred to as plasterboards, drywall, wallboards and gyprock, is a wall or ceiling panel made of a gypsum core surrounded with a paper lining.  

Since 2006 disposal of plasterboard waste with a high sulphate content has not been permitted in general landfill. It can only be landfilled at a site with a mono-cell – a separate cell which only accepts high sulphate waste.  

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What Would A Brexit Mean For The Waste Industry?

June 23rd will be an influential date in Britain’s political and economic history for decades to come. Not only is our position in the EU is at stake after a 44 year long membership, it is also the largest referendum our country has ever held and a decision which will affect not just the UK, but also the rest of the world.

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Upcycling tips to transform your garden

As individual households, we create a lot of waste every year but not all of it needs to end up in a landfill or a recycling plant. With summer on the horizon and plenty of sunny weekends to spend outdoors, many of us will be thinking about planting a few flowers or adding a few homely touches to our gardens. Why not upcycle some old waste for cheap and attractive garden equipment? From unusual flower pots to pretty glass lanterns, here are a few ways that we can reuse unwanted items in an effective, easy and original way: Read more

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure: 5 Artists Who Create Sculptures Out Of Waste

Due to the wasteful society we live in today, our output of waste is ever increasing, but have you ever wondered what might happen to it afterwards? With landfills filling up and recycling high on the world’s agenda, these five innovative artists have used household waste, electrical goods and recyclable products to create thought provoking works of art that are both visually attractive and comment on wider issues of consumerism, human consumption and waste.

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A Basic Guide to Recycling Electronics

Recycling electronics can often seem like something of a mystery. There’s just so many components in them; how can something so complex be broken down for re-use on an industrial scale? Well, we figured that it was about time that process was brought into the spotlight. Plus, we wanted to let you know how you can help us recycle those old TVs and computers of yours to benefit everyone involved, including the environment.

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Getting to Grips With Hazardous Waste

At Trade Skips we know that the topic of hazardous waste is surrounded by plenty of myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings. Unfortunately all too many people are unaware of just what hazardous waste is, and even less aware of just what should be done with it.
In this post we provide clear cut definitions of hazardous waste and explanations as to what should be done with it, bringing you up to date with all the rules and regulations.

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