Why Do You Need Your Waste Analysing?

Waste analysis is becoming increasingly important in ensuring any company’s ecological integrity. Your waste is analysed by a dedicated team who will provide you with precise reports on your corporate waste habits. Comprehensive waste analysis means that you can improve your handling and disposing of waste so as to effectively adhere to UK waste regulation.

When you use our waste analysis service, you’ll get professional service throughout the entire project. You’ll receive a sample plan that is specialised to your needs as a client, outlining which features it would be best to focus on in order to maximise the effectiveness of your waste analysis, both in the analysis itself and in the action you can subsequently take.

Comprehensive Waste Reports

Your waste can be quantified on a wide variety of different bases. You can receive comprehensive reports on:

  • Recyclable content
  • Biodegradable municipal waste (BMW)
  • Calorific content
  • Constituency of packaging materials
  • Glass content
  • Categories of household waste (as part of the National survey).
  • Asbestos testing

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing should be regarded as one of the most important areas of waste analysis. Current legislation surrounding the correct disposal of asbestos is incredibly stringent, with improper discarding incurring large fines. By utilising our asbestos testing service, you can ensure that your waste is asbestos-free, whether that is from the peace of mind upon discovering no traces of asbestos in your waste, or being able to get to the heart of the problem thanks to detailed reports.


We Have The Solution For You

Whether you need to find traces of toxicity in your waste, such as asbestos or toxic packaging materials, or you want to improve your status as an eco-friendly enterprise, you can rest assured that our waste analysis service is the best step you can take. Get a quote from Trade Skips today.

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