Also known as the "Mini Skip", this skip will hold around 15-20 bin bags, making it best suited for very small domestic projects -- a garden tidy up, for example. Although 2-yard skips are usually difficult to acquire, we have an extensive list of reliable suppliers, ensuring that any Trade Skips customer needing a Mini Skip will get one.


Known as the "Midi Skip", this skip has a capacity of around 30-40 bin bags, perfect for a small household project like a small bathroom or kitchen refit. Since Midi Skips cost little more than a Mini Skip, many of our customers purchase the 4-yard skip over the 2-yard in anticipation of any excess waste.


Referred to in the trade as the "builder's skip", the 6-yard skip is very popular for handling common building waste such as rubble, concrete and soil, as well as general household waste. A 6-yard skip will usually hold the equivalent of between 50-60 bin bags of waste.



The 8-yard skip is the most popular of our skip sizes. With a capacity of 60-80 bin bags, it is the largest skip size that we recommend for dealing with heavy building waste such as concrete, rubble and soil. The 8-yard skip is also great for handling larger deposits of household waste.



The 10-yard skip is ideal for light-to-medium weight or bulky waste items, such as scraps of wood, metal or plastics. Perfect for big house clearances and large amount of garden waste, it has a capacity of around 80-100 bin bags.



The 12-yard skip, or "Maxi Skip", is ideal for large house or office clearances with light-to-medium, bulky waste types. It can hold the equivalent of 100-120 bin bags. The Maxi Skip cannot, however, be used for heavy waste types due to certain weight restrictions. Instead, we would recommend multiple 8-yard skips for large amount of heavy waste such as rubble soil and concrete. 



The 20 Yard Roll-on roll-off are widely used for disposing of large volume, low density waste such as light construction waste, factory waste and demolition waste. These low sided Roll-on Roll-off containers are easily accessible for loading and will hold between 160-200 bin bags



The 40 Yard Roll-on Roll-off skip is the largest container we provide. Holding around 350-400 bin bags it offers economy of scale, allowing you to dispose of large volumes of waste for a great price. The 40 yard roro is ideal for light construction waste as well as large industrial waste such as cardboard, paper, plastics, wood and metal.


Skip Size Height Length Width Bin Bags Max Weight
2 Yard 2'6" 4'12" 3' 15-20 2 Tonnes
4 Yard 3'2" 6' 4'3" 30-40 4 Tonnes
6 Yard 4' 8'6" 5' 50-60 6 Tonnes
8 Yard 4' 12" 5'6" 60-80 8 Tonnes
10 Yard 4'11" 12'3" 5'10" 80-100 8 Tonnes
12 Yard 5'6" 12'2" 5'10" 100-120 8 Tonnes

* Skip dimensions are approximate as some skip manufactures specifications can differ


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