What to do when your skip hire company goes bust?


 Skip Hire Company Gone Bust

Why does it happen?

Skip hire companies seem to be going into liquidation quite regularly these days with many of them forgetting about the skips they have out on hire. This  unfortunately often leaves many people with full skips on their drives which are going nowhere.

The rate at which these skip companies are going bust can be down to a few reasons. The main contributing factor is the fact that the cost of disposing of waste to landfill is constantly rising, making it really expensive for businesses with inefficient waste processing methods. Instead of investing more into their waste processing infrastructure many businesses start to pile all of the waste high in their yards to save the cost of disposing of it. However this short term gain in avoiding these costs is short lived as in many cases this huge pile of refuse quickly becomes an environmental hazard. The environment agency is then forced to shut down the business’ operations until the waste is processed correctly. By this point the business’ are usually past the point of no return with potential cost of processing the waste they have amounted far out weighing the capital they have available.

The company is then forced to go into liquidation bringing the company’s operations to a complete halt, and its assets are divvied up among creditors and shareholders. The liquidators job is to get as much money as possible for the sale of assets in the short amount of time they have. This leads them to concentrate on the higher value assets such as vehicles and machinery. Often the liquidators forget about the skips out on hire as in many case the cost to pick up the skip and process the waste isn’t worth the sale of the asset. This is very bad news for customers with full skips on their drives who have often already paid for the service upfront.


What are my options?

One option would be to try and find out which liquidator has been appointed to the business. This can be done by doing a search for the company that has gone bust on The Gazette Official Public Record. The search should come up with a notice with details of the insolvency along with the company appointed to carry out the procedure. Once you have the liquidators details you can then contact them and advise them that you will charge them a rental fee for the storage of the skip if it is not moved immediately. This option can take time to play off which may not be an option if space is a premium, plus it may take up a lot of your time doing the leg work.

Another option, which is the most stress free of the two is to simply call our helpful customer service team, who can arrange for you skip to be collected as soon as possible with virtually no leg work needed from yourself. Once we have collected the skip we will then store the skip for the liquidators before return it to them.  Speak to one of our friendly advisors on  0330 0370 457

Here at Trade Skips we ensure to only use the most efficient, environmentally responsible providers as well as stage regular audits to ensure that your waste is being disposed of correctly with high diversion from landfill rates. This means whenever you book a skip with us you’re never going to end up in a situation where in you have a full skip on your drive with no-one to collect it. Even in the unlikely event that one of our suppliers goes bust we’ll always have many others to service your needs.