Future of Waste Management

When it comes to managing waste, there’s a lot more to it than just disposing it. The way to handle waste correctly covers the entire lifespan from production to landfill through to reuse and recycling.

The point of this guide is to educate you on how to dispose of waste correctly. We want you to know exactly where your waste is going while offering helpful solutions so you know which methods are the most efficient.

Join us as we speak to 5 experts in the waste management field as they share their insights and expertise on waste management strategies and how to look after the environment in the process.

Importance of Waste Analysis

Waste analysis is the basis for correct and compliant waste management. It is the best way to assign the most accurate LoW code to your waste, to test for hazardous components in your waste and to be absolutely sure of the makeup of your waste.

In this report, we will explain why you should be using waste analysis as a core component of your waste management strategy, how to determine the appropriate LoW code and what could happen if you fail to fulfil your Duty of Care.

A Guide to City Centre Waste Management

Anyone who has worked on a city centre site will appreciate the difficulties that it can bring. Tight access to a small and awkwardly shaped site makes it more difficult to manage waste collection and storage; and during the stages where waste production surges, storing waste may be impossible.

In this downloadable Guide to City Centre Waste Management, we tackle each of the problems commonly associated with city centre construction projects and provide simple but innovative solutions.